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General Declutter & Reorganise

Alleviate stress and the feeling of being over whelmed as you gain a fresh pair of eyes on your space.  I can reorganise your entire home or just a cupboard.


Bring the joy back to the hub of your home with practical organisation. Straighten out those cupboards, re-arrange items, revamp your kitchen so things are quick & easy to find.

Playroom & Kids/Adults Bedrooms

Organise, store and improve your rooms. Make access simpler, re-energise your rooms and straightened them out so they can be used properly again.

Loft, Garages & Sheds

Do you struggle to find that one thing you want from your loft, garage or shed? Clear our items that don’t work or you no longer use. Put your storage area back into good use with usable space.

Bereavement & Terminal Illness

Protect and display precious memories, advice on selling or gifting your loved ones items on if you wish to. Put together a plan for treasured items.

House Sales & Moving Home

Help to pack or unpack belongings, saving you time in the future as everything will be in the most logical place.

Professional Decluttering Service

Are you at that stage when you realise you quite simply have too much ‘stuff’? The kids’ toys are taking over or you can’t even remember what’s at the back of your kitchen cupboards. Maybe you feel like you’re constantly tidying and it just never seems to end!

Sometimes mess can be the result of a poorly used space, or just finding the time to get it sorted. That’s where I can step in and help you as a Professional Declutterer.

I am a solution-based organiser who has a passion and natural flair for decluttering. I offer a non-judgemental service focussed on your specific needs, whether that be tackling junk-filled drawers, a wardrobe or transforming entire rooms. My ethos is to recycle, sell and pass on as many objects as possible or  I can take unwanted items to the charity shop.

Taking on board the emotional attachment to your possessions and practical need for living space, I’ll assist you with turning your home into somewhere you love once more.  

To view all my clients testimonials and ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos please see my Facebook page, Roxify.


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About Me


  • Professional Decluttering & Organising Business Diploma
  • Professional indemnity & public liability insurance
  • ICO accredited under the data protection act
  • Training in Hoarding Awareness with Hoarding Disorders UK

I live in Windsor with my husband and two boys and have an extremely busy household (as most people with children do!).

After studying Fashion Design at university, I worked as an Administrator and PA. Both roles required good organisation – a strong point of mine! – and ignited my passion for helping other people organise their work and home lives.

People often commented on my natural ability to sort out clutter, bring a sense of order and make best use of spaces. I genuinely love organising, whether its a kids’ party, corporate event or an out-of-control drawer! I quickly saw that my skills were best put to decluttering and so why not make a career of it?

I therefore went on to study a Professional Decluttering & Organising Business Diploma to ensure that I have the right skills to complete any project. And the rest, as they say, is history!

I have an infectiously positive outlook, friendly disposition, and am a real fixer with a genuine passion for what I do. I work efficiently and in hand with my clients, in a supportive manner to help you to think clearer, feel less anxious and save time.

Me sitting in a kitchen



In our time before Roxy we constantly felt like we were fighting with our house. It felt cluttered. We could never find things. We kept buying things we thought we had run out of but actually had an over stock of these items. We were buying more and more storage solutions for our ever mounting clutter.

Roxy has been absolutely brilliant in helping us declutter our house, get rid of things we really didn’t need and organise it so it works well for our busy family’s needs.

She has some genius ideas for optimising our storage.  We have even made some money out of selling unwanted items and made some good donations to charity and our local schools and nurseries,

Roxy has taken the stress out of our environment and made our house a pleasure to live in. 

I would highly recommend Roxy.  Roxifying our house has been the best investment we have made in a long time.


Roxy is an absolute decluttering wizard and workhorse. She came to my house to sort out my loft area – a job which would have taken up months of weekend time for me.  I’m so glad I decided to get her in and tackle that job off my hands. She got to work straight away and worked tirelessly, lugging huge items around a small space…not something everyone can do!

The job was to move, sort and categorise all my loft storage from one loft into another (house is split into two in the loft) which means a lot of climbing up and worn rickety loft ladders. Nothing fazes her.

Roxy took the time to categorise everything that had been dumped and stored for over a decade and all I had to do was to make some quick decisions about what to keep, junk or give to charity.  We got rid of more than I thought we would but Roxy made it easy in bitesize sessions.  She worked around my day at home.

She really thought through what needed to go where in the new loft space so that everything was sorted neatly and now my life’s history and stuff feels so much more accessible.  I now longer have that dreaded feeling of having to fight my way through a lot of junk to find something from my life.

Thanks Roxy.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.




Roxy was tasked with decluttering, organising and strategically packing our international move.  We’re a family of five but what made this project complex was we had to split our packing into (1) Airbnb UK (2) temporary accommodation abroad (3) stuff for storage in our permanent house abroad. I had an hour long free video consultation with Roxy and I explained what I was looking for (and how overwhelmed and stressed I was!). Roxy explained how she would approach the job. I was super impressed by her confidence and smart planning. She made me feel at ease. She followed up with an email that day with her project plan. I booked Roxy that day. The communication was brilliant and we made a great team.

Roxy even had to spend one of the days working on her own as I had to deal with other urgent matters! She’s flexible, understanding, motivating and has an incredible can do attitude. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her, she has made our international move less stressful and I would recommend her without hesitation. Thank you Roxy!!

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