As a Professional Declutterer, I don’t just get rid of things – I do so much more. This may be a painful journey for you or it might just be an opportunity to get on top of things; either way, I can assist you. Once I’ve finished I will leave you with organisation methods and systems that will continue to work long after I’ve gone.

It’s about taking control of your space, sorting through the chaos and finding a system that works. I want to know your goals and aspirations for how you want your space to look. I can of course get tough if you need me to, it’s about us collaborating together to achieve what you need.

General Declutter & Reorganise

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the clutter building up in your home, take a look at how I can help you.


Being practical and realistic is how I will get your kitchen in order. It’s all about the items you have and what you actually use.

Playroom & Kids/Adults Bedrooms

These areas are often breeding grounds for clutter build-up as they tend not to be seen by visitors. Create clear storage systems and having a good sort out can release their true potential.

Lofts, Garages & Sheds

These places can literally be the home of delayed decisions! Create a useable space where boxes, tools, seasonal clothes & furniture can find their real home and a system to avoid spaces becoming dumping grounds

House sales & Moving home

Selling up and moving house is a very stressful time. Get some help to decrease that stress by organising your belongings and creating an efficient packing system

Bereavements & Terminal Illness

Whether it’s creating memory boxes or finding items their forever home, I can help with this emotional time and ensure treasured pieces are well looked after

Organised space = organised mind

Let me help you declutter & reorganise your space!


Let's Start Organising!

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